November 13, 2012

Andrew Ladd And Mike Richards Play Street Hockey

On the rooftops of downtown Winnipeg

Fans wearing Ladd and Richards jerseys.
With the NHL in the middle of a lockout, some of the players are not playing hockey overseas, so they must be bored.  So how does an NHL player locked out keep busy…?

How about organizing a rooftop street hockey game?

That is exactly what Winnipeg Jets Andrew Ladd and Los Angeles Kings Mike Richards did.  Both showed up 15 minutes before the 4:00 o’clock puck drop (technically ball).  The game was organized through social media.

The street hockey game took place on the rooftops of the Forks parking garage.  Winnipeg was the backdrop for this street hockey game on a gorgeous afternoon that saw about 150 people out to watch the game, or join in.

Cabbie on the Street was the referee for the game.  Team Ladd vs. Team Richards – first to five goals wins.  Even Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz came out to join in.  Cabbie mispronounced his name but Winnipegers corrected him to a bunch of laughs.  Media was there as well.  I saw TSN, CBC, CTV and the Winnipeg Sun to cover the game.

Ladd and Richards chose teams from fans who came out with sticks and jerseys ready to play.  Jim Slater was also there to play a few shifts, as was Mark Stuart (but I didn’t get confirmation myself so this is me hearing it from other people).

Below are some photos of the game. 

The rooftop where the game takes place.
Pre-game warm up before Ladd and Richards join in.

Cabbie lays down the rules.
Telling the media what's about to happen.
Who picks first? 
Players waiting to be picked.
And the first pick in the draft is.... (that little guy)
Puck drop!
The little ones start the game.
Mayor Katz makes his play. 
Present and future NHLer.
Big save!
Goalie after making the big save.
Team Richards up 3-2.
Jesse Pelletier puts that ball in the net to tie the game for Team Ladd!
Cabbie making sure everyone gets to play.
Even the Cadets.

Team Ladd winners circle after the game.
Team photos.
The view from the rooftop.

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Jesse Pelletier said...

Unreal! What a sweet day.