February 24, 2011

Half Pints CKUbreW

A beer where the purchase goes to a good cause!

Beer: CKUbreW
Brewery: Half Pints Brewing Company
Brewed In: Winnipeg, Canada
Style: American Blonde Ale
ABV: 5%
Price: $2.18 (at the brewery) or $3.50 (at Lo Pub)
Notes: A one time brew only.  The school I go to has a radio station on campus called CKUW.  For this year the Fundrive organizers got Half Pints to create a special beer to help raise funds.  Half Pints says that while the batch brewed a radio was placed underneath it playing CKUW non-stop.
Story: I was sitting at home before work when I saw a picture pop up in my Twitter feed from @HalfPintsBrewCo.  It was of some bottles of beer but the labels did not look like their regular labels.  A few minutes later I got some confirmation from their FaceBook profile that they had a special release beer available to buy as of now.  So after I went to work I made sure I stopped in to Half Pints on the way home and grabbed a 6 pack!

Appearance: The pour was a yellowish brown, or some may say gold, whichever you prefer.  It had a quick fading head that was pretty bubbly.

Smell: Not a strong nose but feint floral hops and bready notes came from the beer.

Taste: My first reaction was that it is their St. James Pale and Bulldog mixed together.  It has some of the hops from the nose and is a little sweet.  The after taste really lingers on this beer, almost like crackers do.  As it warms the bready flavour comes out more.

Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation with a really light body.

Drinkability: This is a very easy drinking beer.  Could drink them all night but think I would prefer a St. James or Bulldog to this beer.  Do make sure you try it if you can get your hands on a bottle!


Alyson said...

Yummz, going to have to grab some from Lo Pub before it's all gone.

cenquist said...

@Alyson - Better hurry!

Emily Jane said...

I am going to have to track this down before it's gone!

Vanessa said...

I knocked back so so many of these at Lo Pub and took so many home that it is ridiculous.

cenquist said...

Well if anyone needs to find some CKUbreW if they are sold out just track down Vanessa since she is apparently stocked up on them!