October 27, 2014

Winnipeg For Lunch - Fong Yinh Trading Ltd.

Grocery store or Bánh mì stop?

Lunch on the go can be tough. Sometimes you want to be in and out but that can actually take 20-30 minutes at some places. Other times you've got to eat on the run and you would like the meal to be ready before you walk in the door and it be easy to eat on the run. 

Enter Bánh mì, the Vietnamese baguette, a quickly put together sandwich when fresh, or sometimes already prepackaged. Fong Yinh Trading Ltd. has both options. 

On top of the Bánh mì they offer a few other things. The BBQ pork looked pretty tasty. It was cheap for a dish of chow mein or rice topped with ginger beef as well. But I was there for the Bánh mì. 

At $3.50 the price is definitely right, and with it being prepacked it adds to the ease of getting lunch and heading out within minutes. The only reason it took minutes was because I browsed the store for a bit. There also isn't anywhere to eat in the store, so we high tailed it to a nearby park to take advantage of the last bit of nice weather we will likely get. 

The assorted Bánh mì was a lot of baguette. It had cucumber, cilantro, and julienned carrots, plus the slice of Vietnamese cold cuts tying together all the flavours nicely. The consensus between Adrian, Kevin (his idea to eat here in the first place), and I was the flavour was tasty but the baguette was chewy (likely from being prepacked and refrigerated), and needed a bit more sauce. 

I wouldn't say this is a must visit for Bánh mì. It's tasty sure, but maybe get them to make it fresh and it would have been better. If you're in the area it is definitely a cheap and quick lunch that can easily be taken on the go. 

Taste: 3/5
Speed: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Overall: 13/15

Fong Yihn Trading Ltd.
19 McPhillips St
Winnipeg, MB R3E 2J4
(204) 772-1602

October 23, 2014

Pub Chat: Episode 71 - Green Flash Double Stout

We cover a lot in this one

In this episode we’re drinking Green Flash Brewing’s Double Stout (which is apparently a black ale) and chatting with the fountain of knowledge & wisdom that is Joey Heflich. Listen to find out why we’re endorsing Joey for Mayor of Winnipeg in 2018.

Download here. Or subscribe in iTunes here.

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Green Flash Double Stout
01:15 – Green Flash Brewing
04:25 – Politics, economics and cheese
08:00 – Public versus private spaces
10:55 – U.S. congress and government shutdown
15:30 – Canadian history and the war of 1812
19:15 – Turning 30 and looking back
30:15 – Reading books
32:05 – Having a code to live by
44:15 – Choosing to be ignorant
46:30 – Dollar stores
51:05 – Joey for Winnipeg Mayor
58:40 – Passport renewal versus marriage
1:01:05 – Cheese and cross-border shopping
1:12:50 – Wrapping it up

October 9, 2014

Pub Chat: Episode 70 - Black Oak Nut Brown Ale

Apps - iPhone or Android it doesn't matter

This episode we’re joined by Kieran Moolchan, drinking Black Oak’s Nut Brown Ale, and talking about apps. We’re looking at apps we use every day, innovative apps we’ve tried and some utterly useless apps as well.

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Show Notes

00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Black Oak Nut Brown Ale
03:30 – Tasting the beer
05:45 – Music apps
14:30 – Sleep Cycle
17:25 – Pocket
20:05 – Jukio
22:00 – Inside
24:00 – Comixology
26:15 – Skype and Microsoft Office deal
27:25 – Functional hairstyles
29:30 – More apps, games, and owning domains
37:50 – Ticketmaster and Path
41:10 – Skip the Dishes
42:30 – Google Plus
46:20 – Wrapping up

October 2, 2014

Pub Chat: Episode 69 - Guilty Please Beer

We are not ashamed

This episode is all about the things we enjoy that we don’t always want to share with people. We covered our guilty-beers, restaurants, TV shows and so much more. Our regular music aficionado Chris Rohling joined us to share his take on the subject and drink his own Minnesota guilty beer.

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Show Notes

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Guilty pleasure beers and blind tasting
11:00 – Guilty pleasure foods
19:35 – Bad TV shows
34:40 – Guilty pleasure hangouts and shops
45:35 – Guilty pleasure music
56:50 – Return to teen TV dramas
58:00 – Wrapping it up

September 29, 2014

Winnipeg For Lunch

Figuring it all out

So I have struggled with trying to figure out what to do next for my blog. It has developed quite a bit from burgers to beer to recipes to a little bit of everything, and I'm trying to do this whole blogging thing again after taking the summer off. I definitely needed the break.

As of now my goal is one post a month that is NOT a Pub Chat episode - because that is too easy. I have a new idea, which I will now present to you, Winnipeg For Lunch.

A little explanation is needed for sure.

My job takes me on the roads of Winnipeg a lot and I eat out a bit more than I probably should, especially for lunch now. So instead of tracking down boozeless burger joints to keep The Great Burger Hunt alive I am going to start reviewing places for lunch - with no focus on burgers.

Send me your suggestions. I will add them to my "to eat" list. I've been craving fried chicken so I am making that a priority for the first post likely.

For now, I am aiming to rate the restaurants based on service (speed and accuracy), as service is huge at lunch time when some people only have one hour to eat. I will also rate the quality of food and the price. Likely I will do the reviews out of five like I did with The Great Burger Hunt but I hate number rankings, as I feel it has to change every time you eat at someplace new and you compare them.

Then again adding the numbers to The Great Burger Hunt was what everyone wanted, so likely I will keep the number ratings going, but I won't be happy about it.

The lunch stops will likely be booze free places, so I don't conflict with any future people I may do business with.

On top of Winnipeg For Lunch I am going to ressurect The Great Burger Hunt - with an aim of doing one every two months instead of one. And more of a focus on the greasy burger joints (again avoiding booze filled restaurants).

This is going to be a work in progress too. Still a bit skeptical on the idea. But gonna roll forward with it and figure out later if I want to keep it up, just like the Bi-Weekly Beer Reviews. Shoot first and aim later. The current motto of this blog.

September 22, 2014

The Great Burger Hunt - By The Numbers

Excel spreadsheets are cool

So I have been keeping track of all the burger hunt stops since day one of The Great Burger Hunt.

Here are some fun facts. If you are curious.

45 - Burgers "hunted" (or devoured - however you feel it should read)
7 - 5 Star ratings to burgers
14 - 5 Star ratings for fries
15 - 5 Star ratings for menu selection
2 - 5 Star ratings for price
0 - 5 Star ratings for overall
3 - Local institutions missing from "the hunt"
2 - Big burger chains from the USA that found their way to Winnipeg after I started "the hunt"
1 - Jobs got because of The Great Burger Hunt
1 - Jobs lost because of The Great Burger Hunt
5 - Burger places that start with the word "The"
9 - Burger places with "burger" (or a variation) in the name
3 - Burger places with "bistro" in the name
4 - Burger places where the review was a lucky/unlucky day and they are normally awesome/shitty
9 - Out of the city reviews
6 - Out of the province reviews
1.5 - Lowest review overall
4.75 - Highest review overall
3.62 - Average rating
5 - Places I will never return to get the burger
4 - Places I am always craving their burgers
3 - Places I will never return to get the fries
2 - Places I am always craving their fries
3 - Places I really want to review
3 - Places I can't review
3 - Places you should assume my review is the two lines above
2 - Places fries weren't an option
2 - Vegetarian burgers eaten
1 - Place telling me to take down my review
2 - Places thanking me for constructive criticism
5 - Restaurants that knew who I was before I ordered
1 - Restaurant trying to give me my burger for free (they had no need they were one of the best)
0 - Zero free burgers taken
0 - Warnings given to restaurants that I was coming to review them
17 - Different friends who joined me on "the hunt"
2 - Places closed for business
45 - Beers drank while eating burgers (ballpark number)
17 - Of those beers that were drank at JL Beers, Yellow Dog, or Lo Pub (ballpark number)
1 - "Beer machine," which wasn't working
1031 - Number of times James pestered me to go for a burger (probably low balling this one)
At least half - Number of times I complained about a bun being neglected

*The tiebreaker for these were overall rating (minus the overall rating - which has no tiebreaker)

Top 5 Overall Rating - Boon Burger, The Grove, White Star Diner, Steve's Bistro, JL Beers/VJ's (tied)
Top 5 Burger Rating - Boon Burger, White Star Diner, VJs, The Burger Place, Five Guys
Top 5 Fries Rating - Boon Burger, White Star Diner, The Grove, Steve's Bistro, Buffalo Bistro
Top 5 Menu Selection Rating - Boon Burger, The Grove, Market Burger, VJs, Original Joes
Top 5 Price Value Rating - JL Beers, The Burger Place, Boon Burger, The Grove, Original Joes

September 15, 2014

Oh Doughnuts!

You are making me so happy

I don't know if you know this about me but I love doughnuts. 

I'm not a sweets type of person and for the most part I don't ever have dessert, and candy is even more rare for me to consume. Yet when it comes to doughnuts I'm such a sucker for them. Now let me be clear. What Tim Hortons serves is not doughnuts. It's some sort of fast food abomination of something delicious. 

Glazed and lemon curd.
If you've had a real doughnut you'll understand. And if you live in Winnipeg you know my plight of the lack of good doughnuts.

In my travels I always grab doughnuts. Seeking out what is considered the best in the city and usually I'm not disappointed. There's just something about a good doughnut that understands me. 

I've had Yonni's Doughnuts in Victoria. Bogart's Doughnut Co. in Minneapolis. Glory Hole Doughnuts in Toronto. Voodoo Doughnut in Portland (far too many in two days). And Hazeldean Bakery in Edmonton. Yet when it comes to my hometown. There is no doughnut scene. 

It looks like that is about to change. 

Oh Doughnuts has started to serve their delicious concoctions at Parlour Coffee. No surprise I dragged Adrian there the first day they were available. We tried both kinds available - grapefruit curd and lavender glaze. They were tasty and exactly what I wanted. Now I'm stuck waiting for them to open a storefront. Here's to hoping it's soon. Until then I am going to dream of that lavender glaze... or just keep frequenting Parlour Coffee for doughnuts and coffee. 

You should follow Oh Doughnuts on Twitter and Instagram to find out when and where they are available.